Martine Kalaw

is within your reach.

Welcome. My name is Martine Kalaw, and I’m a community advocate, speaker, and writer, specializing in immigration, and I’m currently working on a memoir about my experience: Memoir of an Illegal American: All I Had Was My Name.

Something has to change. I’ve spent the last five years advocating for immigration reform. I spoke at John McCain’s Town Hall Rally on Immigration in New York City. My story has appeared in USA Today, Metro New York, The New York Sun, and The Post Stan­dard. I even testified before Congress, speaking to the U.S. House of Representative’s Judiciary Subcommittee at their hearing on immigration reform.

I created this website for three reasons:

1. I want to share my story—the seven years I spent as an undocumented immigrant fighting for my freedom as the INS threatened to deport me to a war zone.

2. I want to highlight the absurdity of current United States immigration policy, which marginalizes undocumented immigrants.

3. I want to give a voice to a community that is often too afraid to speak up.

I believe that freedom comes from within yourself—and that applies to everyone, immigrant or not.


Martine Kalaw